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Fans of the Marvel universe have shown their love through action figures, which delight people inside and outside the geek universe. Black Panther, Captain America, Thanos, and other characters are totally killing it with awesome statues.

Iron Studios has action figures that will shake up your bookshelf.

Marvel Comics: from the movies to the shelf

Marvel stories catch the eye, both in comics and in cinema, for digging into deep stuff like morals, identity, and power dynamics. Inspired by this success, Iron Studios has exclusive Marvel Character action figures with insane details!

Check out the main characters in the Marvel Franchise

Time to check out some of the awesome Marvel characters making waves in comics and movies.

Black Panther

The first African superhero, Black Panther, conceals his true identity as T'Challa, attaining superhuman abilities by consuming a particular herb during an ancient Wakandan ceremony. As a prominent member of the Avengers, he assumes the role of guardian over vibranium, a fictitious metal abundant in Wakanda known for its exceptional durability and distinct qualities.


Spider-Man is the alter ego of Peter Parker, an orphan boy raised by his aunt and uncle in New York. He gained his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider in a scientific experiment. Among his powers are super-strength and super-agility, the ability to adhere to different surfaces, and a "spidey-sense," a type of intuition that warns him of imminent danger. These abilities combined make him one of the most agile and versatile heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Captain America

Captain America is a symbol of the patriotism and heroism associated with American values. Known for his integrity, leadership, and commitment to justice, he has an indestructible shield made with Vibranium.

He is the alter ego of Steve Rogers, a frail and sickly guy who acquired super-strength, crazy agility and physical endurance after ingesting an experimental serum to help the United States during the Second World War.

Iron Man

Iron Man's real identity is billionaire Tony Stark, who fights crime with the help of an armor that has been improved over the years to incorporate technology, as well as abilities such as increased strength, flight and countless technological devices. With his brain power, charm, and living the high life, he's like one of the OG Avengers'creators.


Thor is portrayed as a powerful and noble Asgardian warrior, son of Odin, the king of Asgard. He possesses incredible strength, endurance and combat skills, wielding the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which gives him the ability to control thunder and lightning. He is a founding member of the Avengers and often serves as a key figure in the fight against cosmic and Earth-based threats.


Thanos is this super smart planner and a total beast in fights — a real menace to Marvel heroes and baddies alike. The whole Infinity Stones story is one of the standout plots with Thanos. To take control of everything and be all-powerful, he's out there trying to grab all six Infinity Stones: Mind, Soul, Reality, Space, Time, and Power.


Bruce Banner, the Hulk's alter-ego, is a nuclear scientist who was accidentally hit by gamma radiation during an experiment. The result is an impactful transformation whenever he gets mad or stressed out. One of Marvel's toughest heroes. Super strength, injury-proof, and can jump crazy far.


Responsible for the first meeting of the Avengers, Loki is a source of trouble for Thor, his half-brother, and other heroes - always playing games and manipulating in search of power. He's kinda sneaky, and he has a manipulative personality, although he sometimes demonstrates a quest for redemption.


Deadpool's alter-ego is Wade Winston Wilson, a total anti-hero dude with a hilarious sense of humor and crazy healing powers that let him survive the gnarliest injuries. His outstanding characteristic is that he breaks the fourth wall, interacting with the reader/viewer.

Whether it's in comics or movies, Marvel characters totally rock and hype us up. And the best way to show your admiration for the Marvel Universe is with the awesome collectible figures at Iron Studios. Check out the options!