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If you're a true enthusiast of pop culture, movies, comics, games, and anime, you've likely heard of Iron Studios, a sanctuary for fans of high-quality collectibles. In this universe filled with amazing figures, Iron Studios stands as a distinctive brand for those passionate about iconic characters from various franchises.

From Marvel wonders to Jurassic Park epics, Iron Studios captures the hearts of the most discerning collectors.

Get to know Iron Studios

Founded in 2013 by Renan Pizii, Iron Studios emerged in response to a market lacking in quality collectible products. Iron Studios has developed and produced extremely detailed collectible figures, becoming the first Brazilian company in this segment with licensed products designed specifically for collectors.

It has since become a global reference, catering to the desires of fervent fans of pop culture, films, comics, games, and anime.

A notable offering from Iron Studios is the MiniCo collection, featuring collectible figures that capture the essence of characters in a compact, stylish form. These miniatures are treasures for enthusiasts, representing rich artistic expression on a smaller scale without sacrificing the detail and quality inherent in all creations of the brand.
Check out Iron Studios' main franchises
Explore the main pop culture franchises, transformed into masterpieces by Iron Studios.


In the DC universe, Iron Studios elevates the collecting experience. From Green Arrow to Wonder Woman, each statue is a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of these iconic heroes. Fans can explore everything from the majesty of Batman in his Batcave to the explosive energy of Wonder Woman in battle.


Marvel comes alive through the talented craftsmanship of Iron Studios. Iron Man, Spider-Man, and a full gallery of iconic characters are represented in stunning detail. Whether it’s reliving the battle of Wakanda with the Avengers or experiencing the grandeur of the cosmic universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy, each statue stands as a collectible piece worthy of admiration.


Disney classics gain a new dimension at Iron Studios. From Mickey Mouse to the heroes and villains of the latest films, these Disney statues capture the magic that has enchanted generations. Each piece offers a nostalgic journey into the enchanted world of childhood, with hits like Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and The Little Mermaid expressing nostalgia and cherished experiences from the screen.

Jurassic Park

In Iron Studios' Jurassic Park collection, dinosaurs roar to life with realistic details. These statues transport fans back to Isla Nublar, from the iconic T-Rex to the cunning Velociraptor, each piece paying tribute to the cinematic of Jurassic Park.

Lord of the Rings

Tolkien enthusiasts will discover true masterpieces in the Lord of the Rings collection. From Frodo to Aragorn, each statue depicts the trilogy's characters in an epic manner. Every piece is more than just a statue; it serves as a gateway to Middle-earth.

When you consider purchasing an Iron Studios statue, you are not just purchasing a product, but a piece of pop culture immortalized in art. The exclusivity of the pieces, combined with the guarantee of authenticity and quality, makes Iron Studios the ultimate choice for true fans.

The ease of purchase, with various payment methods available, makes the experience even more accessible. Don't waste any time, as the collection of Iron Studios statues is limited and disputed by collectors all over the world.