If you love pop culture and unique details, then Iron Studios' MiniCo is a must-have for your collection. Playfully called "Bobblehead", these collectible figures are truly miniature works of art, giving a shout-out to pop culture legends in a cool and unique way.

What are MiniCo?

MiniCo are collectible statues representing a wide range of characters, each full of impressive detail. These adorable "Bobbleheads" are meticulously designed to capture the essence of the heroes and villains we love, providing an instant emotional connection for fans of iconic franchises.

The quality of detail and finishing is what defines these pieces, they capture expression and stay true to the original design. Each MiniCo is more than just a statue; it's a miniature representation that reflects all the charisma and personality of the characters we love.

Check out the main MiniCo action figure franchises

The franchises featured in MiniCo cover a vast universe of entertainment, bringing pop culture's most beloved characters to life. Below is a selection of the main franchises and their featured characters:

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is honored in the MiniCo, featuring characters such as Harry, Hermione, Ron and more. Each statue transports collectors directly to the magical universe of Hogwarts, capturing the essence of the wizards, magical creatures and legendary adventures that marked this saga. The costumes and facial expressions capture the magical and charming vibe of this awesome world.

Lord of The Rings

With the Lord of The Rings MiniCo, epic heroes and villains from Middle-earth are represented in impressive detail. Statues of characters such as Frodo, Gandalf and Legolas immortalize the saga, capturing the essence of epic battles and heroic journeys. Each figure transports fans directly into Tolkien's fantastic world.


Marvel's MiniCo brings comic book heroes with authenticity and mastery. Statues of the Avengers, X-Men and other major characters stand out for their iconic costumes and dynamic poses. These miniatures celebrate the legacy of Marvel's heroes and villains, bringing them to life in an exceptional way.


The DC MiniCo brings to life the iconic heroes and villains of the DC universe. Featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, this statue captures not only the essence but also the iconic costumes and dynamic poses that define each character. Every DC Comics MiniCo nails the cool details of the superheroes, giving props to their history and cultural awesomeness.


Lion-O and his comrades come to life in MiniCo figures, honoring the beloved animated series ThunderCats. These figures give a shout-out to the characters, bringing back all the nostalgic feels from the series and catching the essence of Thundera's heroes.

Iron Studios' MiniCo figures aren't just collectibles; they're epic pieces of art that capture the essence and nostalgia of characters living in our memories.

Whether to decorate your bookshelf or relive memorable moments in pop culture, MiniCo are indispensable pieces for the most discerning collectors. Explore the variety of characters, dive into the cool details, and discover that MiniCo that totally vibes with your love for your favorite pop culture heroes.

Don't miss the chance to have these treasures in your collection! Discover MiniCo at Iron Studios and add these incredible collectibles to your shelf today!