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If you are a true aficionado for high-quality figures, get ready for what’s to come! At Iron Studios, the world of collectible action figures comes alive in a unique and exclusive way!

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If you’re looking for one of a kind and high-quality collectibles, stay tuned to the next updates soon available at Iron Studios. But beware: some products will be limited edition only, so it’s time to act fast!

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Check out the main franchises to be released soon

In our vast catalog of franchises offered, we came across a universe of iconic characters that transcend pages and screens. From Marvel legends to DC heroes, to timeless Disney classics and much more, we dove into universes filled with adventure, imagination and never ending memories.

These franchises not only inspire but also connect generations, providing unforgettable moments and a world of incredible collectibles that capture the essence of each story.

Avatar 2

With the sequel of Avatar, Iron Studios is ready to launch new collections based on this visually breathtaking world. Core characters, like Neytiri and Jake Sully, will be highlights among the statues, bringing to life the details and magic of this extraordinary universe.

Back to the Future

Nostalgic fans from Back To The Future will have the opportunity to relive the iconic trilogy with these new collectible characters. From Marty Mcfly to the eccentric Dr. Emmett Brown these statues will bring back memorable moments from this beloved cinematic franchise.


From the classics to the newer releases, Disney magic will be present in our new collectibles. Enchanting characters and emotional memories will be brought back with statues that capture all the magic from these captivating stories.

Harry Potter

Hogwarts most famous wizards are coming back in new collectible figures, intending to be a real celebration of this magical universe. Characters like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Lord Voldemort will be highlighted in this release.

Jurassic Park

The emotion and greatness of Jurassic Park will be captured in collectible statues that evoke the essence of these dinosaurs and the saga’s memorable characters, allowing fans to relive the magic and adventure of these classic movies.


The most beloved heroes from the Marvel universe will get new representations in high-quality collectibles. From the Avengers to the X-men, the statues promise to be a treat to the fans, capturing all the greatness from these super heroes.

Star Wars

The most beloved space saga from all time keeps expanding their representations in collectible figures from Iron Studios. From Rebellion heroes to the iconic Empire villains, these statues intend to recreate the magic of Star Wars.

Stranger Things

Releases inspired by the TV show Stranger Things. These figures capture the essence of the characters and mysteries of the show, offering fans the opportunity of collecting authentic and detailed pieces. Don’t miss the chance of having part of this universe in your collection!

These upcoming new releases promise to amaze, bringing the essence of each universe to life in the form of authentic collectibles. Don’t miss the opportunity to get these new exclusive pieces, with the authenticity and quality that only Iron Studios can provide.

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